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Grit and Dirt - Inspirational Stories of Grit and the Dirt on How to Change Your Life

Apr 24, 2018

Bethany and Kathryn are back with another episode of the Grit and Dirt Podcast with a new format. You'll continue to get the Grit (inspiration) but as triathlon season kicks off in many parts of the country, it's time to get into the dirt -- everything you need to know to successfully train and race.

Bethany loves wetsuits, Kathryn hates them. On today's episode, they debate the pros and cons of wearing a wetsuit in the swim and then cover topics like when you should and shouldn't wear a wetsuit, how to try on a wetsuit (hint, don't do it in the buff), and everything you need to know for a great swim in your wetsuit on race day including how to avoid a long T1 by learning to quickly remove the suit.