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Grit and Dirt - Inspirational Stories of Grit and the Dirt on How to Change Your Life

Oct 22, 2017

Business owners understand that the time, intentional effort, and planning they put into their business will directly result in the long-term success and growth of their business. As they began to build and grow a successful fitness business, Josh and Erin Guerrieri found this to be true. They had to spend time working on the business instead of just working in the business. It's allowed them to ride the wave of fitness trends and build a sustainable business that continues to grow.

But when it came to their family, they were beginning to feel a little out of control. All around them, they heard parents say, 'you just have to survive this stage of life' or 'just hold on until they are older'. Life in a city moves at a frantic pace and with 5 young children (currently ranging from ages 10-4), the Guerrieri's knew that something had to change. They decided to take some lessons they had learned from running their business and transfer those to their family.

It started with family meetings, a weekly time where the family gathers and talks about the plan for the week, discusses any issues that need to be covered (anything from how to brush your teeth to why people are getting shot at a concert). Subjects are discussed in an age-appropriate way, but nothing is off limits. They want their children to learn to engage in the world around them through thoughtful discussion rather than being shaped by the opinions of others.

The family meeting sets the tone for the week. Everyone knows what is happening and what is expected. Everyone has a contribution to make to the household. The meeting sets the tone for the week. Learn more about Josh and Erin's family meeting on their Wellthy Family blog here.

They've also made the choices that make the most sense for their family. Rather than spending money on lots of toys or activities for the kids, they invest in experiences and time with their children. Listen to the podcast to learn about how they celebrate birthdays with 5 kids!

Does running a family like a business sound a little boring? Life is anything but in the Guerrieri household. From nightly dance parties to the dream back-yard, Josh and Erin are active and fun parents.

Josh and Erin have taken their experiences and created a course called 40-Day Family: Stop Drowning and Start Living. You can get on the list for their next course release here.