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Grit and Dirt - Inspirational Stories of Grit and the Dirt on How to Change Your Life

Aug 13, 2017

Swim Bike Mom


This week we had the opportunity to chat with Meredith Atwood, also known as Swim Bike Mom. Meredith is funny, inspirational, and full of great insight for anyone who is looking to change their life. We hope you are as encouraged as we were by Meredith's journey to find her own best life and then mobilize a tribe to help others discover their best life! 


Swim Bike Mom was born as she began to write about the journey of a very unlikely Ironman. Others started to connect with her and a tribe was born.


Now her community has grown to thousands of followers and one thing that is certain about Meredith is that she’s not afraid to talk about her struggles or to share her thoughts. She shares her journey into sobriety and how she deals with the haters who criticize her online.


Just this past year, Meredith left her law career to focus on her ventures. Listen to the podcast to find out how she knew it was time to leave behind a lucrative career and go out on her own.

Meredith also gives us a preview of what’s next including a little tease into what the next chapter for Swim Bike Mom may be! See the blog for complete show notes!